Michigan shooter allegedly picked up Uber passengers between killings

An Uber driver who shot and killed six people on Saturday night in Kalamazoo, Michigan, was picking up and dropping off passengers between his attacks, local news reports. The perpetrator, identified as Jason B. Dalton, killed six and injured two at three locations across southwest Michigan between the hours of 6 PM and 10:30 PM on Saturday. He was arrested a few hours later at 12:45 AM, just 25 minutes after he reportedly dropped off a group of passengers who were apparently unaware that their Uber driver was a wanted man.

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Author: Rich McCormick

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WWE Fast Lane Results

WWE hosted its second ever Fast Lane event on Sunday at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. With little over 41 days until WrestleMania, Fast Lane serves as the final major event leading into WWE’s flagship show.

Below you will find the results for every match across the card.

For your convenience we’ve spoiler blocked each result, which you can reveal by clicking on the relevant text.


Kalisto (C) vs Alberto Del Rio – 2 out of 3 Falls match, for the United States Championship.

Kalisto wins the first fall by disqualification at 04:35 after Del Rio is caught using a chair. Del Rio wins the second fall at 07:59 with a pin fall. Kalisto wins the third fall at 15:05 with a roll-up.

Under Card

Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch vs Naomi & Tamina

Sasha wins for her team with her Banks Statement submission on Tamina at 9:54.

Kevin Owens (C) vs Dolph Ziggler – for the Intercontinental Championship.

Owens retains the championship after a Pop-up Powerbomb finisher and pin fall at 15:20.

6-Man Tag MatchKane, The Big Show & Ryback vs Luke Harper, Erick Rowan & Braun Strowman.

Ryback wins for his team with a pin on Luke Harper at 10:29.

Charlotte (C) vs Brie Bella – for the Diva’s Championship.

Charlotte retains with a Figure-Eight submission at 12:37.

AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho

Styles wins in 16:08 with a Calf Crusher submission.

R-Truth vs Curtis Axel

Axel wins in 02:21 with a roll-up.

Main Event

Dean Ambrose vs Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns – Triple-Threat Match for the number-one contender’s spot at the WrestleMania Main Event.

Reigns pins Dean Ambrose in 16:07 after a spear. Reigns is set to fight Triple H for the World Championship at WrestleMania.

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Author: Rob Crossley

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FBI director: 'We don't want to break anyone's encryption' in San Bernardino iPhone case

FBI director James Comey has written a brief op-ed for Lawfare laying out the organization’s thinking over Apple’s resistance to unlocking an iPhone linked to the San Bernardino shootings. Comey attempts to allay fears that the FBI’s request is designed to make it easier to gain access to iPhones in the future, arguing that it “isn’t about trying to set a precedent or send any kind of message. It is about the victims and justice. Fourteen people were slaughtered and many more had their lives and bodies ruined. We owe them a thorough and professional investigation under law. That’s what this is. The American people should expect nothing less from the FBI.”

“The relief we seek is limited and its value increasingly obsolete because the…

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Author: Sam Byford

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Watch Halo's Arbiter in Killer Instinct

Xbox One-exclusive fighting game Killer Instinct is getting a new character in the form of Arbiter, a character from the Halo series. Publisher Microsoft Studios has released a gameplay trailer showcasing some of Arbiter’s moves, a lot of which make use of the energy sword the character wields. You can watch the trailer in the embed below.

Arbiter will be available as part of Season 3 of Killer Instinct, which will kick off in March. The character was first teased in January, during the Killer Instinct World Cup at PAX South. Arbiter will be joined by the returning martial artist Kim Wu in Season 3.

The new season will also bring with it numerous character tweaks and rebalances. Killer Instinct was first released in 2013, and is scheduled to be released for PC sometime this year. The PC version of the game will be exclusive to Windows 10. For more on the game, check out GameSpot’s review.

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Author: Zorine Te

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HTC adds a Micro Splash of color to new Desire smartphones

That HTC A16 you might have heard of turns out not to have been a successor to the HTC One A9, but rather the codename for a pair of new lower-tier smartphones from the company. It denotes the shared industrial design of the new HTC Desire 530 and Desire 630 devices, both running Android Marshmallow on a set of low-end components and encasing it in a fun, prettily designed exterior. They make their debut here at Mobile World Congress alongside a larger and more powerful Desire 825, rounding out a refresh of HTC’s more affordable range.

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Author: Vlad Savov

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New York City’s 'W' subway line is coming back from the dead after six years

You probably haven’t heard of the W train. It was a local line that was part of New York City’s subway system and ran between Queens and Manhattan (and initially down to Coney Island) from 2001 to 2010, when it was axed due to budget constraints. (The Z train was also scaled back at the time.) On Friday, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority confirmed rumors that it was considering bringing the W back into service, but while that in-and-of-itself isn’t that interesting, what the W’s resurrection means is very significant.

By bringing back the W, the MTA would be able to reroute the Q train to serve the first phase of the Second Avenue Subway, the first major expansion of the subway system in decades and a project so long in the…

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Author: Andrew J . Hawkins

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The strange style of Facebook's Trending tab

Every time I log into Facebook lately I check the Trending tab on the right side of the screen, not because what’s displayed there is particularly interesting or timely — my feed is generally a mix of politics, celebrity microdrama, and incidents of local mayhem — but because the voice it’s written in is so strangely dry. It’s just a proper noun followed by the densest clinical explanation, like a viral news blotter written by aliens.

The Trending section’s inability to mention Twitter by name is well known, but it has other quirks, like its penchant for hedging. Videos and photos only ever “appear” to show something, probably a wise guard against hoaxes, even if it’s a serious tone to take for some of the lighter things that pop up in…

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Author: Josh Dzieza

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Mark Zuckerberg stole Samsung's Galaxy S7 show

Samsung didn’t have many surprises left to announce with its thoroughly leaked new Galaxy S7 phones, so it decided to spring Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg on an unsuspecting crowd. What Samsung itself might not have suspected, however, was just how raucous and frenetic the reaction would be.

The setup was great: journalists were invited to watch a virtual reality demo using Samsung’s Gear VR headsets, and when the time came to remove them, there was Mark Zuckerberg standing in the middle of the stage, wearing his familiar gray T-shirt. Cue a moment of confused gasps of excitement, followed by an escalating stampede of journalists and photographers toward the stage. Zuckerberg was there to talk up Facebook and Samsung’s VR partnership,…

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Author: Vlad Savov

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Has Gaming Features Like Water-Cooling, Graphics Tweaking

Today at Samsung’s briefing at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, the technology giant officially announced the latest entry in its flagship smartphone line, the Galaxy S7, and revealed it will have some gaming-specific features.

According to GameSpot sister site CNET, one of these features is a water cooling system.

“Obviously the scale is miniature compared to desktop water cooling, but the sealed copper cooling system will still do its best to shift excess heat away from the S7’s processor when games push things to the phone’s thermal limits,” CNET reported.

The phone also includes support for the Vulkan API for developers, which should in time mean we’ll get games that “look and play much better than almost anything you’ve seen on Android before.”

There is also a new “No Alerts” mode that stops all notifications, while the Recent and Back keys can be locked so you don’t accidentally press them during gameplay. Samsung is also apparently hoping to bring the “Let’s Play” movement to mobile with the S7. The phone can not only record gameplay, but the front-facing camera can be used for commentating gameplay via a picture-in-picture mode.

Another gaming feature for the S7 is that, like some PC games, you can tweak settings to adjust performance to your liking.

“Finally, Samsung also offers the ability to tweak graphics performance between three settings so you can dial things back a little if you want to put battery life ahead of gameplay,” CNET says. “The standard setting will run games at maximum resolution and at 60 frames per second. The ‘low power’ setting reduces frame rate to 30 frames and dials down the resolution somewhat, while ‘extreme low power’ sticks with 30 frames but drops the resolution again.”

Head to CNET to get all the details.

Samsung also announced today that everyone who preorders a Galaxy S7 gets a free Samsung Gear VR headset and a bundle of six games. The device normally sells for $100. Preorders for the Galaxy S7 (and Galaxy S7 Edge, which also comes with a free Gear VR) open on February 23. Pricing for the new phone was not announced, but we’ll have that information for you when it’s available.

Below is a rundown of the Galaxy S7’s notable features; head to CNET for a full hands-on preview.

  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow software
  • 5.1-inch screen with 2,560×1,440-pixel resolution
  • Either 32 or 64GB of storage, depending on the region
  • MicroSD card slot for extra storage up to 200GB
  • 12-megapixel camera (get the story below)
  • Water-resistant (IP68 rating)
  • 3,000 mAh battery (versus 2,550 mAh on Galaxy S6)
  • “Always-on” display shows time, calendar or images from the lock screen
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor (or Samsung’s Exynos chipset in some regions)
  • Dedicated gaming feature makes it easier to record sessions and screenshots; a do-not-disturb mode blocks incoming notifications
  • Colors: black onyx, gold platinum

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Author: Eddie Makuch

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