Mafia 3 Confirmed, Full Reveal Coming Next Month

Following years of rumors, 2K Games on Tuesday officially announced Mafia 3.

An image released on Twitter teases the location and time period for Mafia 3, though 2K has yet to confirm the information. We also see four people backlit by headlights in cars.

No information was provided regarding platforms or a developer.

More information about Mafia will be announced during Gamescom in August. GameSpot will be on the ground at the German gaming event to bring you all the news as it happens.

Today’s official announcement of Mafia 3 comes after years of rumors and speculation about it. In March 2012, it was reported that Mafia 2 developer 2K Czech working on a third entry in the series. At the time, the studio had supposedly entered full development on Mafia 3 following a year of pre-production work.

Later that year, another report said Mafia 3 was in development at 2K Czech for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and was going to be a launch title for those platforms. However, the game reportedly suffered from production issues, and those plans were apparently abandoned.

More recently, in January 2015, voice actor Rick Pasqualone, who played Mafia 2 protagonist Vito Scaletta, teased that a new Mafia game may be announced soon.

“Might have some Mafia news very soon,” he said on Twitter at the time. To another, who bluntly said, “make Mafia 3,” Pasqualone replied: “Might have some exciting news very soon.”

2K Games parent company Take-Two Interactive said in March 2013 that it had an “extensive pipeline” of unannounced games in development.

What are you hoping to see from Mafia 3? Let us know in the comments below.

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Author: Eddie Makuch

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Boxer launches new email app with integrated calendar

The mobile email app space is highly competitive, with great entries from Google, Apple, Microsoft, and many others. The best email apps tend to do more than just manage your mail — they make it easy to view your calendar, contacts, and file attachments all in one place. Today, Boxer is joining that crowd with version 6.0 of its email app, which brings along a full-fledged calendar app.

Boxer 6.0 introduces a refreshed design of Boxer’s email experience, with updated visuals and performance. But the real appeal is the new calendar app, which is integrated into the iOS version of Boxer email and available as a stand-alone app for Android. It allows you to view your calendar right from your email and quickly share availability with…

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Author: Dan Seifert

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PS4 and Xbox One Sales Defy "Death of Consoles" Rhetoric, Says Xbox Boss

The surge in popularity of both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 shows the console business is still viable, according to the man in charge of Microsoft’s games division.

Phil Spencer was promoted to head of Xbox in March 2014

In an interview with Edge, Xbox head Phil Spencer spoke of previous years when he faced questions from journalists regarding the supposed poor health of the dedicated console business. Such questions were put to him as respected executives in games, such as former Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada, claimed consoles were heading for extinction.

“I have a lot of respect for the team at Sony and the success they’ve had with PS4, and it’s a great time for the console industry,” Spencer said.

“I’ve said this a few times, but four years ago when I was sitting doing these interviews it was, ‘do people need consoles any more?’ and, ‘isn’t this just dead? Everybody’s playing on their phone.’ And now you’re looking at the PS4 having sold over–I don’t remember their last number– but over 20 million.

“And we’ve sold a ton of Xbox Ones globally, more than we’ve sold 360s [in the same period]. We’re both doing really well, and I think Nintendo has a plan for the future–I don’t know what the NX is, but it’s great just to see the business being done.”

When it comes to the overall viability of the console games business, hardware sales are one part of a far bigger equation.

Questions remain over whether games consoles are profitable for Microsoft and Sony (the original Xbox, for example, lost Microsoft billions overall). Meanwhile, developers and publishers face a steeper challenge than ever to yield profit on triple-A games.

Elsewhere in the interview, Spencer accepts that Microsoft needs to strengthen Xbox One’s market position across Europe. According to Sony’s most recent estimates, the PS4 enjoys a 70-90 percent market share across the continent.

“We need to do better in Europe. When I look globally, mainland Europe is definitely an area we want to focus on. I’m excited about going to Gamescom at the beginning of August, having another press show where we’re able to show games that we didn’t show here.”

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Author: Rob Crossley

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Moto X event: start time, live stream, and what to expect

Tuesday’s a big day for Motorola. It’s about to announce three new phones, all of which are updates to its most popular lines. That means there are new things in store for the flagship Moto X and the impressively affordable Moto G, plus one more phone that we don’t know all that much about. Want to know when Motorola will reveal more and what we already know about the new phones? Keep on reading.

How to watch

Start time: San Francisco: 6AM / New York: 9AM / London: 2PM / Berlin: 3PM / Moscow: 4PM / Beijing: 9PM / Tokyo: 10PM / Sydney: 11PM.

Live stream: Motorola will be broadcasting video of the event from its website.

Live blog: We’ll be on the ground in New York reporting the news as fast as it arrives. Come for the news and…

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Author: Jacob Kastrenakes

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Nintendo NX's First Games Announced By Square Enix

The first two games announced for NX, the next games console from Nintendo, have been revealed as Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI.

Square Enix revealed the titles for Nintendo’s in-development console during a livestream, where the latest entry in the Dragon Quest series was also officially revealed for PS4 and Nintendo 3DS.

Details beyond the plans to release the games on NX were not provided. Nintendo is not expected to reveal details about its new games system until 2016.

Nintendo confirmed its next home console is codenamed the NX in March 2015, but nothing is known about the hardware yet. The company has said it does not plan to fully reveal the hardware until 2016.

At the time of its announcement, Nintendo said the project represents a “brand-new concept,” but didn’t elaborate further.

A report has indicated that Nintendo could begin assembly of the NX in October, as the company has signed a contract with Foxcon Electronics and wants to begin pilot assembly on the hardware by October “at the latest.”

This report has not yet been verified, however, and Nintendo is yet to announce release plans.

Nintendo has said it will continue to support the Wii U and 3DS after the NX is launched.

“NX is a new platform, so the installed base will have to be built up from zero,” it said. “When NX is launched, there already will be a certain volume of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U hardware widely existing in the market, so from a software business perspective, it would be highly inefficient to stop releasing titles for Nintendo 3DS or Wii U right after the launch of NX.”

The company has been adamant that the NX is not a simple replacement for the Wii U and 3DS.

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Author: Tamoor Hussain

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Rocket League's First Free Map Revealed

Fans of Psyonix’s fiendishly fun car-based soccer game Rocket League will be treated to a new map for free “in a few weeks.”

The map was revealed on the official Rocket League Twitter account and is called “Utopia Coliseum.” As you can see in the screenshot below, it is a picturesque arena furnished with lavish stone sculptures, well-kept plant life, and a convenient blue-versus-orange aesthetically split.

The map is inspired by the Utopia map from Rocket League’s predecessor, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars.

Rocket League has become somewhat of a sensation since its release in July. It has seen over 4 million downloads across PC and PS4, where it remains a free download for PlayStation Plus members.

Rocket League offers cross-platform multiplayer between the two versions of the game.

Psyonix recently released the first DLC for the game. In addition to a free new level, two new cars were released, one of which is Sweet Tooth’s ice cream truck from Twisted Metal.

Looking forward, the developer has indicated it will support the game for “years” to come.

“We have BIG plans for Rocket League and our players, which is why you can expect to see plenty more from us over the next several weeks, months, and hopefully, even years,” said community and marketing director Jeremy Dunham wrote.

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Author: Tamoor Hussain

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Dragon Quest XI is coming to PS4 and 3DS

The next mainline entry in arguably the most popular game series of all time in Japan has just been announced. Dragon Quest XI is coming to both the PlayStation 4 and the 3DS, according to a live broadcast currently underway in Japan, with no release date given as yet. The PlayStation 4 version is being developed internally at Square Enix, and will use the Unreal Engine. The 3DS version, meanwhile, is like two games in one — it runs in full 3D on the top screen and uses retro 2D sprites on the bottom.

This will be the first traditional numbered Dragon Quest game to hit a home console in some time. Dragon Quest VIII for the PlayStation 2 was a massive hit in 2004, but follow-up IX surprised many when it was announced as a Nintendo DS…

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Author: Sam Byford

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