Mirror's Edge 2 Could Be Called "Catalyst"

The official Mirror's Edge Twitter account has posted an image of the word "Catalyst," sparking discussions of an E3 reveal and speculation that the upcoming reboot may now be called Mirror's Edge: Catalyst.Earlier today a trademark for Catalyst was spotted on the EU intellectual property site, the Office for Harmonization in the International Market. EA's [...]

Mystery of Hearthstone's Fourth Button Could Unravel Soon

The long-discussed dormant fourth button on Hearthstone's main menu screen could soon reveal a new game mode, if a teasing Tweet from Blizzard Entertainment is any indication.Since the game's post-beta launch in March 2014, Hearthstone's main menu has displayed three buttons representing its major gameplay modes (Ranked Play, Solo Adventures, and The Arena). An allocation [...]

Apple made an Android app that helps people switch to iOS

Apple's getting more aggressive than ever before in trying to move Android users over to iOS. The company has previously offered a step-by-step tutorial to ease the transition for people coming from Samsung, HTC, and other Android phones. Now it's building an actual app to help transfer essentials like contacts, messages, calendars, mail accounts, and media [...]