A Facebook photo helped scientists discover a new plant

Brazilian plant researcher Paolo Gonella probably wasn't hoping to discover a new plant species when he was scrolling through his Facebook newsfeed, but when he came across a picture posted by Reginaldo Vasconcelos, that's exactly what happened. The plant is a previously undiscovered species of Drosera, or sundew, now called Drosera magnifica; it can grow [...]

This Is Still Our Best Theory For MH370

Fifteen months later, we have no idea know what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. But we keep going back to a theory posited by a pilot Chris Goodfellow just days after March 2014 disappearance. Goodfellow thinks an electrical fire in the cockpit could have caused the loss of transponders and communications in the aircraft. [...]

Watch New Trailer of Oculus' Adorable VR Movie

Oculus VR, the company currently working on the Rift virtual reality headset, has a dedicated studio making film experiences for the Rift. Recently, Oculus Story Studio premiered its new project to Hollywood filmmakers, and now the studio has shared some more details with the public. The film, called Henry, looks absolutely adorable.The animated short film [...]