The fight for photo storage is a fight over trust

If you glanced at The Verge last week, you probably heard the news: Google has a new Photos service. It’s a big product push, a good solution to a hard problem. But now that Google has met the formidable product challenge, there's a more complicated challenge on the horizon. Photos are intensely personal, and signing onto [...]

All US United Flights Grounded Over Mysterious Problem

All United Airlines flights in the US were grounded this morning for nearly an hour, over “dispatching information.” Though United hasn’t indicated the cause for the grounding, tweets from onboard passengers and a news report have indicated various possible reasons. “United began delaying flights at approximately 8 a.m. CT to ensure aircraft departed with proper [...]

USB-C has already won

As it likes to do, Apple recently released a product before the world was ready. The new 12-inch MacBook has but a single port — unless you count the headphone jack — and it’s a completely new connector that almost no one has ever used before, breaking direct compatibility with millions of standard USB devices. [...]