How League of Legends ended up on The Simpsons

The Simpsons aired an episode featuring the popular game League of Legends last Sunday, which was a strange combination of two groups that don’t often collide — esports fanatics and sitcom cartoons. The production team consulted with Riot Games, which develops League, but ultimately crafted a satirical take on League of Legends without giving Riot [...]

Walmart is reportedly looking into launching its own cloud gaming service

Cloud gaming services are one of the biggest topics in tech this week, and yet, you wouldn’t necessarily expect that Walmart would enter the fray. Google’s announcement of Stadia, its upcoming game-streaming service, is already being intercepted by a report at US Gamer. “Multiple sources familiar with Walmart’s plans, who wish to remain anonymous” tell [...]

Sekiro Guide: How Death Impacts Your Journey

Death is an old friend to fans of From Software's Bloodborne and Dark Souls games, as the Soulsborne titles all implement mechanics and features that relate to dying. From Software's newest game, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, is no different. However, death works a little bit differently in Sekiro.In the following guide, we go over all [...]