The Best Battles In Comics This Week

Comics often feature huge fights with superheroes against supervillains. Sometimes we even have superheroes fighting other superheroes. Get ready to cheer and possibly cringe at the brutal punches being thrown in this week's selection of best battles.There will be some spoilers below!TOKYO GHOST #3(By Rick Remender, Sean Murphy, and Matt Hollingsworth)Led Dent had a rough [...]

Bernie Sanders campaign accessed Hillary Clinton’s confidential voter information

Democratic Party candidate Bernie Sanders has been suspended from viewing his party's voter records after it was discovered that one of his staffers viewed confidential information from Hillary Clinton's campaign. The information was accessed on Wednesday, BuzzFeed News reports, when a bug in the technology used by NGP VAN to provide voter lists for the various [...]

Twitter stock closes at an all-time low

Twitter stock fell 4 percent Thursday, finishing the session at $23.31, the lowest the stock has ever closed. Yahoo Finance lists the stock’s 52-week low at $21.01, but that was during intra-day trading back in August (the stock closed at $25.17 that day). Continue reading… Go to Source Author: Recode StaffPowered by WPeMatico