Tekken 7 Reveals Two More New Fighters For Season 3, Plus Leroy Out This Week

Tekken 7 recently kicked off its third season with Zafina, and now the third and fourth fighters being added have been revealed. One’s returning to the series after some time away, but the other is brand new.

Returning to the world of Tekken is Ganryu, last seen in Tekken 6. He remains a bit of a goofy character, and his open-palm hits look pretty painful. He’s Tekken’s equivalent of E. Honda in the Street Fighter series, and it looks like he’s a streamer now. Here’s his character trailer.

The next all-new fighter for Tekken 7 is Fahkumram, a Muay Thai champion. His intimidating size and strange look is shown off in the trailer below, along with his punishing attacks. We wonder what the story is with those scars and throbbing veins. He’s the fourth and final character to be added this season.

Meanwhile, Leroy Smith–the second character added in season 3–got a release date. He’s coming December 10, and you can check out his moves (and his kickass theme song) in the video below.

Ganryu is due before the close of winter (meaning February 2020), and Fahkumram will arrive at a later date. The season pass will also give you access to frame data display and add an additional stage, both at a later date.

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Author: James O’Connor

Epic Games Store Now Gives Developers More Control Over In-Game Purchases

The Epic Games Store has pulled a lot of exclusives with its promise of advances to developers and publishers, and its more generous revenue split compared to Steam, and now it’s taking another step to make things better for the companies releasing games on it. A change in the Epic Games Store policy means that developers are now free to use whatever payment and purchase systems they want within their games.

As reported by Gamasutra, until this change games on the store had to use an Epic-approved payment system for in-game purchases. “We support developers’ right to choose among the best stores, in-app payment processors, online services, and engines,” Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney told them.

This will mean that developers will potentially be able to retain a larger share of the revenue generated from in-game sales, whether those be microtransactions or the purchase of more substantial downloadable content. From a consumer point of view–and, indeed, for a lot of developers–this change probably will not mean much, but there’s now potential for developers to make more money from their in-game sales.

The latest major Epic Games Store exclusive is Phoenix Point, a spiritual successor to XCom.

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Author: James O’Connor

Disney Just Set A New Box Office Record, And Star Wars Isn’t Even Out Yet

Everyone knows Disney is a box office behemoth, but just how much money do the film giant’s movies make? After another strong weekend in theatres, Frozen II helped pushed Disney’s 2019 worldwide box office totals past $10 billion to break a yearly box office record set by … Disney.

Collider crunched all the numbers. The $10 billion that Disney has made at the global box office this year surpasses the previous record of $7.6 billion that Disney set in 2016. Disney’s biggest releases of 2019 at the box office have been Avengers: Endgame ($2.79 billion), The Lion King ($1.6 billion), Captain Marvel ($1.2 billion), Toy Story 4 ($1.07 billion), and Aladdin ($1.05 billion). Frozen II, after just three weeks in theatres, is close to becoming the sixth Disney movie to pass $1 billion this year. It currently stands at $920 million worldwide.

Disney’s box office fortunes are set to grow mightier still, as the hugely anticipated Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theatres on December 20. Also of note is that the $10 billion thus far does not include money made by movies from Fox, which Disney acquired earlier this year. Had those numbers been included, Disney’s total worldwide box office haul would be close to $12 billion thanks to films like Alita: Battle Angel ($404.8 million) and Dark Phoenix ($252.4 million), among others.

Disney’s Dumbo ($353.2 million) was among the company’s lowest performing films of the year at the box office, though even that number would be enviable for other films. The company’s Maleficent sequel, Mistress of Evil, pulled in $481.3 million. That was well short of the first film’s $758 million, making it a relative disappointment.

The Rise of Skywalker is set to open in theatres on December 20. Box office estimates project it to make $200 million worldwide over its first weekend. New footage from the film will debut inside Epic’s free-to-play battle royale game Fortnite later this month.

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Author: Eddie Makuch

HBO’s Watchmen: Episode 8’s Post Credits Scene Explained

HBO’s Watchmen broke tradition with Episode 8, “A God Walks Into Abar,” by including, for the first time in the series, a post-credits scene. Hopefully you stuck around for it–but if not, stop right here and go back to watch. We’re going to dive deep into what it might mean and why it matters, so you’re in for some spoilers, even if you finished the episode but shut your TV off early.

To briefly recap, the scene actually starts as audio playing over the credits. It’s a disgusting squishing noise that, we soon learn, is Veidt’s post-trial “punishment.” Each of the clones approaches a bound and prone Veidt and asks him “will you stay master?” When Veidt says no, the clone smashes a tomato (remember, they grow on trees here on Europa) in his face. From there, we abruptly cut to Veidt in a jail cell, reading Fogdancing–a fictional in-universe novel written by the fictional, in-universe author Max Shea, who also wrote the Tales Of The Black Freighter comic-within-the-comic of the Watchmen graphic novel. It’s Veidt’s birthday again, we learn, as the Game Warden brings him his traditional yellow-and-purple cake, topped with 7 candles.

“If you sing ‘For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow,’ I’ll vomit all over your boots,” Veidt says. Thankfully, the Game Warden doesn’t test this threat. Instead, he offers to bring Veidt a new book–but Veidt says he likes this one. Why? The Game Master “wouldn’t understand,” he says. “It’s about loneliness.”

At this moment, the Game Master drops some interesting knowledge. He was actually the first Mr. Philips to be “born” on Europa, which we can assume is why he seems to have more power than the other Philips clones. Of course this only makes us wonder where the first Ms. Crookshanks ended up, or if she’s even still around.

“Why is heaven not enough?” The Game Master asks, to which Veidt responds that this place isn’t his home and that back on Earth “his children, all 8 million of them, [are] undoubtedly standing in their cribs crying out in desperation” for Veidt to return. Knowing what we know about how things are going on Earth, we can confidently say this isn’t true–Earth may be going through some rough stuff, but aside from a few off-handed conversations, news clips, and Trieu’s statue, no one on Earth seems all that interested in Veidt at all. He’s been declared dead, and Elvis Lives-like conspiracies notwithstanding, that’s about the extent of the thought he’s been given.

But of course, someone like Adrian Veidt would never be able to wrap his head around that reality. He’s always, in his own estimation, been the single most important, qualified, intelligent, and capable person on the planet. He also reveals here that it’s not necessarily the superiority that’s most important to him, it’s his own usefulness: “Heaven isn’t enough because they don’t need me.”

That’s when something very strange happens. As the music swells, Veidt realizes there’s a horseshoe baked into his cake. He gleefully pulls it out, tears his cot away from the wall, and begins scraping away at the floorboards while cackling delightedly. If you remember all the way back to Episode 1, you’ll recall Philips and Crookshanks presenting him with a horseshoe rather than a knife during his first birthday party. At the time, it seemed like a bizarre glitch in their “programming,” like they couldn’t tell the difference between a cake knife and a horseshoe. But this moment recontextualizes that entirely.

Is it possible that Philips and Crookshanks have, somehow, been working toward Veidt’s plan all along and that first horseshoe was just a minor hiccup in his timeline? Did Jon somehow pass his own deterministic experience of the world–the idea that everything that has happened and will happen is already laid out and predetermined–on to the people he made? Or is it all just a simple case of one loyal clone–the prosecutor who winked at Veidt after her closing arguments, maybe–being in on the scheme and baking a cake with a hidden key in it under all the other clones’ noses like an old timey prison break?

Either way, the fact remains, Veidt’s plan is proceeding in a way that he’s clearly extremely happy about. And though we can’t tell if he’s planning on pulling some sort of Shawshank Redemption tunnel gambit or if he’s planted some kind of weapon or escape tool under the floor of his jail cell, we’re pretty sure it’ll all be cleared up once and for all next week during the finale.

Watchmen airs Sundays on HBO.

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Author: Meg Downey

Zelda Sequel Behind-The-Scenes Shots And Nintendo Concept Art Shown Off

Nintendo’s Japanese designer recruitment site has shared some interesting concept art and insight into how the trailer to the upcoming Breath of the Wild sequel came together. The site, spotted by VGC, explains Nintendo’s expectations from designers and artists, showing off some of the work that has gone into their most popular recent games and characters. It’s not just valuable for potential designers, though, as the page also features some great concept art.

The page includes some concept art for Isabelle, the mayor’s assistant from Animal Crossing: New Leaf who proved so popular that she became a fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It shows several iterations the character went through before her look was settled on. It says that they wanted a character who as many people as possible would grow attached to.

No Caption Provided

There are also various pieces of Splatoon 2 stage and character design throughout the page, showing off the different models and the colorful designs of the game’s levels. There’s no major revelations here, but it’s interesting how the stage art captures the general vibe of the game well.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4

Much of the page is focused on the work that went into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, including the reveal of the game’s sequel. The first image below shows how a mix of motion capture and Maya software was used to map Link’s movements in the trailer, which is embedded above. It’s a small but welcome insight into the process involved. The other images from the original Breath of the Wild below are a mix of storyboards for the game’s iconic opening scene of Link running to the clifftop and environmental design examples.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7

The Breath of the Wild sequel is happening because Nintendo had too many ideas for DLC. A release date has not been announced, but it will be exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

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Author: James O’Connor

The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance Tactics–Release Date Announced In New Trailer

The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance Tactics was first announced during Nintendo’s 2019 E3 Direct, and now it finally has a release date. The turn-based strategy spin-off from the recent Netflix TV series (itself a sequel to the 1982 film) will release for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 4, 2020.

This news comes via the game’s official Twitter account, which also debuted a new short trailer for the game. The trailer can also be watched on YouTube.

We’re ready to announce a release date for The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics, and we’re as excited as the fizzgigs are! Get ready to join the resistance on February 4, 2020! Learn more at https://t.co/OgCsD3OEGh #darkcrystaltactics pic.twitter.com/jR0zM6LiJ7

— The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics (@DCAORtactics) December 4, 2019

According to the game’s Steam page, it will feature over 50 battles and 15 playable characters, which will be a mix of characters from the original film and some from the more recent series. You’ll be able to equip your characters with gear and the game will feature changing, dynamic environments that can help or hinder your strategies.

The Netflix series, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, received a 9/10 in our review. Reviewer Chris E. Hayner said that the show “should hook you in with its fantastical storytelling and incredible world.”

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Author: James O’Connor

Procreate 5 arrives with Photoshop brush import, Animation Assist, and CMYK mode

Animation Assist. | Image: Savage Interactive

Procreate 5, Savage Interactive’s newest update for the iOS painting and illustration app, is now available. The free update brings long-awaited features such as Photoshop (ABR) brush import, custom brush creation, CMYK mode, and more robust animation features.

The app runs on a new Valkyrie graphics engine that works with Apple’s Metal API for faster performance on the iPad. With Valkyrie, Savage Interactive says the imported ABR brushes paint faster in Procreate 5 than in Photoshop. That’s something that’s going to make a difference for artists when they’re choosing which drawing app to use on the iPad, especially on the heels of Adobe’s Photoshop for the iPad, which received disappointing reviews when it was released last month….

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Author: Dami Lee

Twin Peaks VR Trailer–Escape The Black Lodge And Explore The Town Later This Month

Twin Peaks VR is due to release this month, but until now we hadn’t seen any footage from it. Now a trailer has emerged, showing off the Twin Peaks iconography and scenes from the series that fans will soon be able to explore in virtual reality. This is essentially an “escape room” game that will require you to puzzle your way through several situations from the show. The game appears to be heavily based on the enigmatic and wonderful 2017 third series rather than the first two seasons, and anyone who hasn’t watched it should be wary of spoilers in the trailer below.

The trailer begins in Glastonbury Grove, by the pool where Cooper enters the Red Room at the end of the second season, and gets weird from there. The trailer shows off the Red Room, complete with the chairs and statue, as well as Dougie Jones’ waiting body. We also see the white horse from the original series and the Evolution of the Arm, and it seems like you’ll be able to get uncomfortably close and personal with it.

It also looks like the game will take you to the Fireman’s theater room from episode 8 of the third season, as well as the sheriff’s department, the box room in New York, and the traincart where Laura Palmer was murdered. The trailer promises that you can find Easter eggs, including posters of Bob and Laura’s necklace in the woods,

There are several moments from the trailer that match up exactly with the new series, including Naido being flung off into inter-dimensional space in the third episode and the Bob ball from the penultimate episode. It seems likely that the game will not fit within the canon of the Twin Peaks universe, and will instead be a way for fans to explore particular moments from the series.

The game releases on Steam and the Oculus store this month, and according to Welcome to Twin Peaks, Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR versions will follow. Twin Peaks VR comes from Collider Games, in collaboration with Showtime and series director David Lynch.

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Author: James O’Connor

New Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Footage Will Debut Inside Fortnite Very Soon

New footage from the much-anticipated Star Wars movie The Rise of Skywalker will premiere inside of the battle royale game Fortnite later this month. Epic Games has announced that director JJ Abrams will showcase new footage of the sci-fi blockbuster at the in-game outdoor theatre Risky Reels on December 12. The footage will debut at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET that day.

As for what to expect, Disney is promising an “exclusive scene” from Rise of Skywalker, but there are no further details available at this time. Epic added that Risky Reels opens its doors at 10:30 AM PT / 1:30 PM ET, so players can head in early to get a good seat.

No Caption Provided

This confirmation comes after players discovered posters for the Rise of Skywalker reveal in Fortnite at various locations across the map. The new Rise of Skywalker footage will undoubtedly get posted to YouTube very quickly, so you don’t necessarily need to play Fortnite to check out the new movie content.

This is not the first partnership between Fortnite and Star Wars. In November, a massive Imperial starship appeared in the sky, and a Stormtrooper skin also came to the game.

Abrams is working with Epic Games on a new video game called Spyjinx. Epic has said very little about the project, but the company says it is still in the works.

Abrams also recently signed a $250 million deal to make new video games, TV shows, and movies for Warner Bros.

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Author: Eddie Makuch

New Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer Debuts At CCXP Brazil

DC and Warner Bros. have a couple of comic book movies coming out in 2020. The first is Birds Of Prey arriving on February 2, and the second is the highly-anticipated Wonder Woman 1984 debuting on June 5. During Comic-Con Experience in Brazil over the weekend, we finally got some more info about the movie, along with a trailer–which we knew had been coming for a while.

Aside from the new images that were revealed, the Wonder Woman panel featured Wonder Woman 1984 star Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins who briefly discussed making the movie and using practical effects. Then, Gadot and Jenkins unleashed the new trailer upon the world.

Prior to the trailer, we knew Wonder Woman 1984 took place during the ’80s, like the title suggests, and somehow, Steve Trevor plays a major part in the movie. It’s crazy to actually see the character back in the movie, but what’s the twist. Outside of the casting, very little info had been released to the public prior to this trailer.

It’s obvious that Trevor had jumped through time or something along those lines, as he’s very confused about the trash can at the end of the trailer. Also, there were lots of shots inside a mall, and who doesn’t love a 1980s mall sequence?

The upcoming movie stars Gadot as Wonder Woman, Pedro Pascal as Max Lord, Chris Pine as Steven Trevor, and Kristen Wiig as Cheetah. Patty Jenkins will return to direct featuring a screenplay by Jenkins, Geoff Johns, and Dave Callaham.

Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters on June 5, 2020.

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Author: Mat Elfring