HBO Max Adds Adds Disclaimer For Blazing Saddles With “Proper Social Context”

HBO Max has added a disclaimer that will automatically play before any viewing of the 1974 classic comedy film Blazing Saddles. The satirical Western is typical of madcap comedian and film director Mel Brooks, in that Blazing Saddles swings wildly, broadly, and has been long understood by critics to not shy away from potentially offensive content in pursuit of making a laugh and also a point.

Similar to the additions HBO Max made to Gone With the Wind earlier this summer, the new three-minute disclaimer preceding Blazing Saddles features Turner Classic Movies host Jacqueline Stewart “ensur[ing] the film was put into the proper social context,” according to a comment provided to The Hollywood Reporter.

Blazing Saddles’ racist language and bigotry is put into stronger context for viewers. Stewart, in the new intro, explains: “As the storyline implies, the issue of race is front and center in Blazing Saddles. And racist language and attitudes pervade the film. But those attitudes are espoused by characters who are portrayed here as explicitly small-minded, ignorant bigots. The real, and much more enlightened perspective, is provided by the main characters played by Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder.”

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Author: David Wolinsky

EA Access and Origin Access will combine under new EA Play banner

Rebranding streaming services is very in these days across a number of entertainment industries, and EA is jumping on the trend by rebranding its EA Access and Origin Access services simply as EA Play.

There are no financial changes for customers, nor does the rebranding require any additional effort for people to play games under their current subscription. The company describes the rebrand as “an important step in streamlining our services to ensure that being an EA Play member is the best way to play,” in a new blog post. EA Access currently runs for $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year. Origin Access is the same price, with Origin Access Premier running $19.99 a month or $129.99 a year.

Streamlining is the key word; think of the effort…

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Author: Julia Alexander

Marvel’s Avengers Beta Opens Further This Weekend, New Patch Notes Detailed

Marvel’s Avengers is expanding its beta to more platforms and players this weekend, and a new patch addresses some of the feedback that has come from the first round. Crystal Dynamics also gave an idea of issues it’s aware of and others that it is currently working on.

According the official patch notes, the 1.3.0 patch addresses several matchmaking issues and crashes, and fixes some bugs revolving around particular heroes. It also notes that for Xbox One players, you may run into issues if your NAT type is on a higher setting.

The studio is working on reducing screen shake and fixing a bug that would spawn multiple heroes. In its Known Issues subsection, Crystal Dynamics suggests workarounds if you’re having trouble with accessing content beyond the Golden Gate Bridge, how to use Black Widow and Iron Man’s gear, and more.

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Author: Steve Watts

Ubisoft fires former Assassin’s Creed Valhalla creative director following an investigation

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Ashraf Ismail, the former creative director for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, has been fired by Ubisoft, Bloomberg reports. Ismail stepped down from his role and took a leave of absence in June after a fan accused Ismail of lying about his marital status in order to pursue a romantic relationship with her.

“As a result of investigations, Ashraf Ismail has been dismissed from Ubisoft and is no longer an employee,” a spokesman for Ubisoft told The Verge. Kotaku also viewed an internal message sent to employees confirming the company had terminated Ismail’s employment following an external investigation.

Ubisoft has been under scrutiny since June when dozens of people spoke out on social media about the company’s toxic work culture, which a…

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Author: Taylor Lyles

Rare Super Mario Bros. Game’s New Owner Is Taking An Unconventional Approach

An investment platform is planning to sell ownership shares in a rare copy of Super Mario Bros., which it has valued at $150,000. The particular version of the game is a sealed 1987 “hangtab” edition rated at a near-perfect 9.8 A+ by Wata Games, one of only 14 factory-sealed copies in existence according to the video game grading company.

Purchased by Rally for $140,000 in a private sale, the company plans to sell 3000 individual shares in the game, starting on August 21. Each $50 share purchased will give investors partial ownership and the option to sell their shares in Rally’s own marketplace. If the price of those shares plummet, Rally will liquidate its investment in the game and pay owners out, according to a decision made by their advisory board.

When Super Mario Bros. isn’t kept secure in a temperature-controlled vault in Delaware, Rally plans to display the game in their Soho museum in New York, or loan it out to other museums around the country where it will be on show.

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Author: Darryn Bonthuys

Here’s When Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League And WB Montreal’s Game Will Be Revealed

Two new Warner Bros. games are set to be unveiled at DC FanDome on August 22, including the newly-announced Suicide Squad game from Rocksteady Games, the developer of Batman: Arkham Knight. The other game will be from Warner Bros. Montreal, developer of spin-off Batman: Arkham Origins.

The WB Montreal reveal is one of the first events of the day, scheduled for 10:30 AM PT, and will take 20 minutes. “You won’t want to miss this first look at an exciting new game and Q&A with its developers,” the description reads.

The studio has been teasing what looks like a new Batman game for some time now, and they’ve used the phrase “Capture the Knight” in their hints. Back in May, the studio tweeted that it was not ready to show its next project just yet. One popular theory is that the game will feature the Court of Owls, the shadowy cabal introduced in Scott Snyder’s opening run of The New 52 reboot of Batman. We’ll finally know for sure soon.

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Author: James O’Connor