WoW: Dragonflight Patch 10.0.7 Will Finally Introduce Human And Orc Heritage Armor

Humans and orcs have long been at the center of World of Warcraft, and come Dragonflight’s next content patch, players will finally be able to sport unique armor sets invoking the long history of both races in Azeroth.

Patch 10.0.7 will introduce the new Heritage Armor cosmetic sets, something that is already available for many of the game’s playable races but has curiously been a long time coming for orcs and humans. Presumably unlocking the set will work similarly to Heritage Armor sets in the past, with players needing to reach exalted reputation with the respective racial faction in order unlock a short quest chain that will ultimately reward the armor set.

The human set looks to take inspiration from the armor of fallen Alliance king Varian Wrynn, with a large shoulder piece depicting an eagle (or maybe a gryphon). The orc armor, on the other hand, features plenty of spikes and skulls, as is fitting for the race that founded the Horde. In a forum post, Blizzard confirmed that there will be additional variations for each armor set that will be revealed at a later date.

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Author: Cameron Koch