NBA All-World Lets You Build The NBA Team Of Your Dreams

With Ingress celebrating its 10-year milestone and Pokemon Go gearing up for another year of catching ’em all, Niantic developer Niantic has another game in store.

NBA All World assigns those who log in a random current NBA star from a roster of 80 players across the league, then sets them out into the real world to recruit other players, challenge online leaderboards, and build their own dream team. The playable roster includes the Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry, the Philadelphia 76ers’ Joel Embiid, and the Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James, who currently sits as the highest-ranked player in the game.

To find out more about the game, we spoke to Andrew Macintosh, senior product marketing manager at Niantic, about how NBA All World brings the Niantic style of gameplay to the NBA. We spoke about the over 100,000 basketball courts added as in-game locations, the ability to earn specific items from specific locations–in-game money from a bank, for example–and how to use those items to improve your team.

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Author: Jason Fanelli