Destiny 2 Says Goodbye To Blue Engrams For Those Above The Soft Gear Cap

Destiny 2 is parting ways with rare engrams as of today. Announced by developer Bungie in hotfix, players who have reached the soft gear cap in the game–currently 1530 power level–will no longer receive blue engrams. Instead, they’ll receive the “equivalent Glimmer amount” as a drop.

If you jumped into Destiny 2 right after the patch and you’re still seeing blue engrams, don’t fret. The developer tweeted that this particular update is rolling out later in the day, and to keep an eye on the @BungieHelp account for updates. At the time of publication, the background maintenance for the game has been extended by four hours, and is expected to end later today, January 24, at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET.

This change is one of many ahead of the release of Lightfall next month. The Gunsmith reputation gains are being bumped by 25% to compensate for the lack of blue engrams. In addition, Bungie has recently shared that the team is planning on nerfing Resilience, as part of a major overhaul to Destiny 2’s mod system, as well as the introduction of loadouts.

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Author: Diego Nicolás Argüello