Tesla finally offers alternative to the steering yoke

A lifestyle image of the round wheel option that’s now available on the Tesla Model S and Model X.
Good news for folks who dislike the yoke-only steering wheel on the Tesla Model S and Model X — you can now configure the vehicles with a round wheel option again. | Image: tesla

Tesla has re-introduced a round steering wheel option for its Model S and Model X vehicles, following two years of criticism regarding the practicality and safety of the racing-style yoke steering. As noted by Electrek, the Tesla online configurator for the Model S/X was updated on Thursday, adding the option for a round steering wheel alongside the existing yoke. Selecting the rounded wheel option doesn’t impact the price or the estimated delivery timeline. Other Tesla models such as the Model 3 and Model Y are already available with a round steering wheel.

A controversial redesign for both the Model S and Model X in 2021 ditched the traditional steering wheel (and control stalks) in favor of a singular yoke option with capacitive…

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Author: Jess Weatherbed