Valorant Season 6 Cinematic Teases New Map As Agents Seek To Find An Overgrown Temple

The latest cinematic trailer for Valorant sets the stage for episode 6 by teasing a new map. The cinematic crosscuts between various Valorant characters as they make their way to a ruined temple, overgrown with giant flowers.

The trailer starts with Astra and new hero Harbor exploring a jungle in India, before cutting to a nightclub in Istanbul. Here, Fade uses her nightmare powers to interrogate men in suits. At the Valorant HQ, Omen tends to a Bonsai tree while Sage starts up a practice round against robots. Meanwhile, in Korea, Killjoy, Raze, and Jett hang out at a restaurant.

The trailer continues to cut between these various locations, showing Fade obtaining the location of a secret temple, Astra and Harbor using their powers to activate a strange, massive door, and Sage getting over her head at practice. Eventually, Omen uses his ability Dark Cover to shroud the practice arena in shadow, adding Sage as she completes the training. Fade relays the temple’s location to each of the other Valorant members shown, except Astra and Harbor who wake up underwater.

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Author: Grace Benfell