This new image sensor is here to save your smartphone photos from bad white balance

Person taking a photo of someone sitting on steps at an outdoor plaza with a smartphone.
Even high-end smartphone cameras are notoriously bad at capturing accurate skin tones. | Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

A Belgium-based company is looking beyond the visible light spectrum to put an end to a common problem for smartphone cameras: bad color reproduction. Spectricity is debuting its new S1 multispectral sensor at CES 2023, and it could be headed to smartphones on store shelves sooner than later.

Standard camera sensors are limited to using certain bands of the visible spectrum — red, green, and blue. The S1, which is designed to complement the main camera system, can gather much more data, including in the near-infrared range. The company says this results in better color reproduction and more accurate skin tones, and it has big aspirations for this technology: CEO Vincent Mouret says he expects all smartphones to incorporate it “within the…

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Author: Allison Johnson