The Qi2 wireless charging standard will mandate magnet strength for less slip ‘n slide

The Apple MagSafe Battery Pack on an iPhone 12 Mini
Photo by Dieter Bohn / The Verge

I couldn’t justify keeping Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack because it didn’t stay firmly stuck to my phone without swiveling, and I’ve seen third-party attachments that are much, much worse. Thankfully, the next version of the Qi wireless charging standard, Qi2, will mandate magnet strength, size, and dimensions in addition to its electrical properties — even though that’s the opposite of what I reported yesterday.

(The bigger news about Qi2: it should mean that future Android phones and Apple phones will be able to use the same wireless magnetic charger, effectively MagSafe for Android.)

Today, I got an email from WPC spokesperson Paul Golden apologizing for passing along incorrect information…

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Author: Sean Hollister