Renfield: When Nic Cage’s Dracula Movie Comes Out, Latest Trailer, And Everything Else To Know

The premise sounds like a fever dream: Nicholas Cage playing Dracula in a horror comedy based on a pitch by Robert Kirkman–you know, the Walking Dead guy–directed by the man responsible for The Lego Batman Movie. And yet, here we are–Renfield is due out this year and we can’t wait.

The concept is pretty simple, for how absolutely bonkers the casting and production is. The story revolves around R.M. Renfield (surprise!), the henchman of Count Dracula. You may recognize his name, if you’re a fan of classic Dracula literature and media. He’s Dracula’s henchman and devoted familiar who is featured heavily in Bram Stoker’s original novel and many adaptations of it. This movie, however, will likely feature a different side of the character given that it’s a horror comedy.

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Author: Mason Downey