Price Hikes “Across The Board” For Games In 2023 Predicted By Analyst

In 2023, the video game industry will see prices increase “across the board,” according to one analyst. Dr. Serkan Toto of Kantan Games said in an interview with that fans should expect price hikes for games, hardware, and subscriptions as studios attempt to make up for rising costs.

“Not all studios have hiked prices to keep up with the rise of production and other costs in game development so far, but gamers are likely to see prices go up across the board in 2023,” Toto said.

Microsoft, for example, has already announced that it is raising prices on its AAA games in 2023 from $60 to $70. All of Microsoft’s games are also included with Xbox Game Pass, and some believe that subscription service will see a price increase, too.

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Author: Eddie Makuch