Overwatch 2 Battle For Olympus Event – All Skins, Rewards, And Arcade Modes

Overwatch 2’s latest event, Battle for Olympus, has arrived. This event features a number of new cosmetics, as well as a special arcade mode, Battle for Olympus. This free-for-all mode gives the included heroes special, more powerful versions of their abilities. During the event you can purchase a number of cosmetics from the item shop and earn some free rewards by completing challenges. Battle for Olympus runs from January 5-19.

Battle for Olympus game mode and challenges

The Battle for Olympus arcade mode is an eight player free-for-all deathmatch mode. However, it features a limited roster of characters. There are seven heroes to choose from: Ramattra, Junker Queen, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Pharah, Widowmaker, and Lucio–each of whom has a divine version of their ultimate ability. These divine ultimate abilities last longer than the normal versions and provide special buffs to the other abilities of each character. For example, Reinhardt can pin up to three enemies at once with his charge and, if he hits them into a wall, he heals, for 20 seconds after using his ultimate. While Widowmaker’s ultimate is active, any enemy that looks at her while she is scoped turns to stone.

There are 18 challenges related to the Battle for Olympus event, rewarding battle pass XP, titles, voice lines, and the Legendary Winged Victory Mercy skin, which was previously available during the Summer Games event in previous years. Also, whichever hero has the most kills overall across the community will get their statue placed on the Illios Ruins map.

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Author: James Carr