EcoFlow’s battery-backup kits for the home can reduce your energy bill

This EcoFlow Smart Control Kit consists of a Smart Home Panel and two Delta Pros for up to 7200W of output. | Image: EcoFlow

EcoFlow is now selling Whole-Home Backup Power Solutions that bundle together a variety of the company’s products that are already available a la carte. The kits are basically a more scalable version of Tesla’s Powerwall+ without the long installation wait times, that also remains portable so you can take some of that idle power with you for an off-grid getaway.

The new EcoFlow kits make it easy to choose the right amount of backup power for your needs and budget. Prices start at $3,699 and approach $20,000 if you want unlimited emergency power. That’s a lot of money (even after a US tax credit) compared to noisy gas generators, but EcoFlow’s emission-free kits don’t require maintenance and could also help reduce your day-to-day energy…

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Author: Thomas Ricker