Marvel Snap: Savage Land Season Pass Rewards

Marvel Snap’s newest season prowls and pounces with Savage Land. Savage Land’s seasonal card is Zabu, a 3-Cost card with 2-Power. Zabu’s Ongoing effect is that it is able to reduce the cost of 4-Cost cards in your hand by 2.

Similar to Silver Surfer’s release last season, Zabu alongside all-new locations such as Rickety Bridge, Altar of Death, Eternity Range, Plunder Castle, and Collapsed Mine will be sure to shake up the meta in this ferocious jungle-themed landscape in the Ranked Mode.

The roughly $15 Premium Season Pass will reward players with up to 2600 Credits and 1200 Gold. But, Marvel Snap’s current season can also be tackled with its free version of the Season Pass, so you can reap some of the rewards without spending any money. Below, you can find the entire list of Savage Land’s Season Pass Rewards broken down with differences between the Free/Premium Season Pass Rewards:

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Author: Veerender Singh Jubbal