What to expect from CES 2023

An illustrated collage of gadgets around a logo for CES. There’s a drone, controller, VR headset, and more.
Samar Haddad / The Verge

CES is almost here. You can already see it if you look around: announcements about new display tech, news posts filled with spec details, and lots of strange gadgets suddenly popping up out of nowhere.

The Consumer Electronics Show is the starting point for the year in tech — a week of nonstop announcements that sets the stage for the year’s emerging trends and technologies. You can expect to see the biggest TVs of the year, early signs of what’s to come in laptops, and a whole lot of wild ideas about where cars, wearables, smart home tech, and much more are headed.

The event formally kicks off on Thursday, January 5th, but there’ll be plenty of news beforehand. Companies are holding press conferences throughout Tuesday and Wednesday,…

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Author: Verge Staff