Sea Of Thieves Cooking Times, Best Fruits, And More

In Sea of Thieves, staying healthy can be as simple as cronching on a ripe banana, but to get the most out of your food reserves, you’ll want to know all of the nuances to cooking and eating foods. They’ll heal you at different rates and even apply buffs in some cases, so use our guide to learn every cooking time in Sea of Thieves, the healing differences among food choices, and where to find everything you need for a hearty meal. As they say, a mango a day keeps the scurvy away. Maybe.

Sea of Thieves fruits and healing tier list

Yes, like your favorite hero shooter or MOBA, the fruits in Sea of Thieves can be split into tiers. Unlike those games, however, the fruit tiers are objective and, once you get to know them, obvious. Here’s the full list of fruits alongside how much of your health bar each item will heal you per piece eaten

Fruit HP Restored (Out of 100)
Banana 20
Coconut 30
Pomegranate 40




100 per bite; two bites per fruit

Because each pirate can hold up to five food items at any time, it makes sense to swap out things like bananas and coconuts for pineapples and mangoes whenever possible. However, for even better healing aids, you’ll want to ditch the all-fruit diet and seek some animal-based proteins. Yes, in Sea of Thieves, fish and meats will serve you best, so long as you know how to cook.

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Author: Mark Delaney