Fortnite Guardian Shield Added To Loot Pool – Here’s How To Get It

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 has been a huge hit with fans of the battle royale, introducing no shortage of fun and exciting weapons, utility items, and vehicles to enjoy–and Epic isn’t done yet. While we won’t see a full-fledged update for another week or two, the first hotfix of the year has brought along a little surprise to keep things interesting–the brand-new Guardian Shield item. This defensive tool can’t be found just anywhere, but if you do manage to get your hands on it, it can be a huge help to your team. Here’s where to find the Guardian Shield and how it works.

Where to find the Guardian Shield and how it works

The Guardian Shield can be found exclusively in Oathbound Chests. These large, white chests only spawn in the areas of the map that look like they’re in the midst of Autumn, with yellow grass and colorful trees. Some spots with fairly easily-accessible spawns of Oathbound Chests include Breakwater Bay and The Citadel in the northwestern section of the map.

The Guardian Shield acts quite like Reinhardt's shield in Overwatch--with a twist.
The Guardian Shield acts quite like Reinhardt’s shield in Overwatch–with a twist.

The Guardian Shield is a defensive item that can be deployed while on the move or thrown on the ground to act as a stationary barrier. By holding down the fire button with it equipped, you can position the shield as needed while you move and protect your location. You can throw it down on the ground at any viable location the same way you’d toss any other item to give you time to heal up or reposition as necessary.

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Author: Billy Givens