Destiny 2 Season Of The Seraph’s Iron Banner Introduces New Fortress Mode

The first Iron Banner of Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph comes with a brand-new PvPvE mode called Fortress. Throughout Destiny, Bungie has included different Crucible modes in Iron Banner, but not with a PvE aspect.

Iron Banner Fortress Mode

Bungie has diverted from Destiny 2’s traditional Iron Banner Control to include modes like Rift and Eruption in the past, but Fortress is a bit different because it includes brief, intermittent PvE moments. It plays similarly to Zone Control, where you need to neutralize the enemy zones, capture them and protect the zones. You get points for each zone capture, and additional points are added to your team score when the timer refreshes every few seconds–the timer is visible above the zones. Unlike regular Control, defeating opponents doesn’t add points, so capturing most zones and defeating opponents to protect them is key.

Turrets on the high-value zone in Iron Banner Fortress
Turrets on the high-value zone in Iron Banner Fortress

However, Fortress presents a collab with Empress Caiatl–a Cabal twist in Iron Banner, possibly because Saladin is the Valus Forge member of Caiatl’s War Council. When a team reaches 40 points, a high-value zone will spawn at a marked location with Cabal turrets landing in a drop pod. Defeating the Esteemed Scorpius and other turrets unlocks that zone. Both teams must battle to capture the single zone and protect it as the timer counts down to garner the most points. The high-value zone lasts for around 45 seconds, then this battle repeats when a team reaches 80 points.

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Author: Saniya Ahmed