Asus has a 540Hz monitor that lets you move its feet

A gaming monitor with neon Asus ROG symbol, a bit like a butterfly’s iridescent wing.

It’s been seven months since Asus announced the world’s first 500Hz gaming monitor — long enough that it’s not the world’s first anymore. Alienware will beat it with the 24.5-inch AW2524H, which I wrote about this morning. But the important thing is that Asus will still have a 500Hz monitor, too — technically, a 540Hz overclocked screen dubbed the Asus ROG Swift Pro PG248QP that’ll ship in Q2.

It’s a 24.1-inch 1080p G-Sync panel that’s unfortunately saddled with TN screen technology, known for its refresh rates rather than viewing angles or wide color gamut. But the monitor pulls a pretty cool trick: the stand lets you pop in and out its feet to fit in narrower spaces and lock them in place.

Image: Asus


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Author: Sean Hollister