LG’s 2023 OLED TVs are brighter (again) and make webOS smarter

An image of an LG OLED TV on the home screen with a person sitting on a couch in front.
WebOS has been slightly redesigned and streamlined on the 2023 lineup. | Image: LG

Last year, LG cranked the brightness on its G2 and C2 series TVs up to new highs, bringing a meaningful improvement to the company’s already-fantastic OLED lineup. These TVs are considered by some to be the best on the market dollar for dollar thanks to their perfect black levels, incredible contrast, and top-notch gaming capabilities. So how is LG going to improve upon that with the new models it’s introducing at CES 2023?

It’s going to push the brightness even higher while also focusing on image processing and software enhancements.

The G3 succeeds the G2 and “incorporates brand-new light control architecture and light-boosting algorithms to increase brightness by up to 70 percent,” according to LG’s press release. That number is in…

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Author: Chris Welch