Sony’s A7R V camera is a technical triumph, so why is using it such a pain?

A front view of the Sony A7R V camera with lens attached, sitting on a patterned table with wooden model hands holding it.
Sony has pioneered many state of the art features in modern cameras, but it still feels like you’re wielding something not quite meant for human hands.

There’s only so much that really needs to be said about Sony’s A7R V mirrorless camera. Sony made so many right decisions with this new model, that it’s easily one of the best cameras money can buy right now. The new AI autofocus system is an excellent jump forward. The improved built-in image stabilization is excellent for hand-holding slower shots. The new articulating display is so good it should just be copied by all other manufacturers as soon as possible. And the 61-megapixel sensor yields some of the best image quality you can get today without jumping to medium format — trusting your computer and storage are up to the task of processing these beefy files.

But while Sony has made some recent strides to offer quality-of-life…

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Author: Antonio G. Di Benedetto