Best Of 2022: Tinykin’s Larger-Than-Life Alien Setting Brought Me Right Back To Toy Story

Home means a lot of things for different people. It can be a typical house with bedrooms and a kitchen or the memory of the moment Buzz Lightyear spreads his wings and proudly proclaims that he isn’t flying, he’s “falling with style.” It meant something slightly different for Splashteam’s Romain Claude and his 2019 Global Game Jam team.

“It’s about gathering friends and bringing them to a safe place,” he told GameSpot of his project’s concept. “It’s about going out and bringing them home.”

The theme for the 2019 Global Game Jam was “what home means to you.” That prompt turned into an early version of Tinykin, where the player travels out into a dark forest in order to bring creatures to the safety of home. That concept, which was similar to The Wild at Heart or Pikmin, eventually evolved into the platforming adventure that explores an insect civilization living in a human-sized home that’s stuck in the ’90s.

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Author: Aron Garst