Destiny 2 Season Of The Seraph: Seasonal Challenges Guide Week 4

A new year kicks off in just a few days, but there’s still time to wrap up some 2022 resolutions in Destiny 2 as Season of the Seraph continues into its fourth week of action.

To get the Exo frame modules this week, you’ll want to focus on the seasonal quest and boot up a round of Heist Battlegrounds. For More Than A Weapon’s secondary challenge, you can easily grind through Scorn and Hive on Savathun’s Throneworld, with the Extraction Lost Sector in the Quagmire being a good area to farm.

In Heist Battlegrounds III, the focus here is on breaching a submind vault without alerting Wrathborn reinforcements, which means you’ll need to quickly grab the tools you need in this section to get past the Hive glyphs and open the doors. Not too difficult at all, if you’ve been playing regularly and know what to expect from this little platforming section.

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Author: Darryn Bonthuys