Wearing an Apple Watch Ultra for a month convinced me to buy a Series 7

An Apple Watch Ultra next to a Series 7 Edition on a light wood table, viewed from the top.
The Apple Watch Ultra shares a lot of qualities with last year’s Series 7 Edition watch. | Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

The Apple Watch Ultra is a very good smartwatch. It’s got loads of features, very long battery life, a titanium shell, and a distinctive design. You can read all about how good it is in my colleague Victoria Song’s review from earlier this fall. Be sure to check out the feature-length video review we recently published that does a deeper dive into Apple’s unique claims for the Ultra.

But as good as the Apple Watch Ultra is, it’s not the Apple Watch for me. I’m not an adventurous athlete and have no aspirations to be, but I am both a smartwatch devotee and an appreciator of fine mechanical watches (that, let’s be real, I won’t ever be able to afford). The Ultra should appeal to me based on those merits — after all, nobody dives with a…

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Author: Dan Seifert