Tesla’s $300 wireless charger uses coils from a company called FreePower

Screenshot of a Tesla marketing video, showing a deconstructed version of the Wireless Charging Platform.
That’s a lot of coils. | Image: Tesla

Tesla has opened preorders for a wireless charging mat that can accommodate up to three devices placed however you want, and that comes in a form factor “inspired by the angular design and metallic styling of Cybertruck.” The gadget is called the Wireless Charging Platform, and it costs $300. For that hefty price you get the mat, a removable magnetic stand that lets you prop the pad up at an angle or lay it flat, and some tech that we once called “the most promising AirPower alternative.”

Underneath the alcantara fabric cover, Tesla’s charger has a whopping 30 Qi charging coils, which will charge your device no matter what orientation it’s in, or where you put it on the platform. According to Tesla’s site, the device was “engineered…

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Author: Mitchell Clark