Apple pulls option to upgrade to new HomeKit architecture in iOS 16.2

A phone displaying the Apple Home app with an upgrade option.
The option to upgrade to new Home architecture has been removed from iOS 16.2 | Image: Apple / The Verge

Apple has removed the option to upgrade to the new HomeKit architecture on devices running iOS 16.2. The change follows multiple reports of issues and problems with the Home app after the upgrade was installed.

Apple spokesperson Emily Ewing confirmed the change in a statement provided to The Verge:

“We are aware of an issue that may impact the ability for users to share the Home within the Home app. A fix will be available soon. In the meantime, we’ve temporarily removed the option to upgrade to the new Home architecture. Users who have already upgraded will not be impacted.“

Apple has also updated its support pages with instructions on what to do if you are unable to invite another user to a Home or you can’t view a Home’s devices…

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Author: Jess Weatherbed