Apple apparently pulls option to upgrade to new HomeKit architecture in iOS 16.2

A phone displaying the Apple Home app with an upgrade option.
The option to upgrade to new Home architecture has been removed from iOS 16.2 | Image: Apple / The Verge

Apple has apparently removed the option to upgrade to the new HomeKit architecture on devices running iOS 16.2. The change follows multiple reports of issues and problems with the Home app after the upgrade was installed.

The new Home app architecture was one of the key features of iOS 16.2, with Apple claiming that the upgrade would be “more reliable and efficient.” Now, MacRumors discovered that the Home app in iOS 16.2 no longer offers the option to upgrade to the new architecture within the Home app settings. Several reporters at The Verge have also confirmed that the upgrade option is unavailable on their devices.

The new architecture was first introduced in the iOS 16.2 beta back in October as an optional upgrade before the iOS…

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Author: Jess Weatherbed