The Vergecast Bluetooth Holiday Spec-tacular

Tree ornaments featuring the Bluetooth logo behind the Vergecast logo.
Illustration by Kristen Radtke / The Verge

Happy holidays! Here is our gift for you: over an hour of audio content dedicated to Bluetooth.

If you’re lucky this holiday season, you may be given a brand-new phone, tablet, or gadget equipped with the short-range wireless standard we’ve dealt with for decades. Though it has improved significantly since its introduction in 1998, it still has a lot of room to grow. Will Bluetooth get better next year? That’s the impetus for today’s Vergecast.

Naturally, we start the show with a game. The Verge’s Nilay Patel, Alex Cranz, and Chris Welch sit in for a round of Bluetooth Jeopardy! — hosted by senior editor Sean Hollister. We’ll refresh your mind on the basics of Bluetooth and perhaps teach you a few interesting facts too. How well do…

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Author: Andrew Marino