Lost Ark’s Artist Class Is Coming In April 2023, With a 96-Player PvP Mode Coming In March

Lost Ark will receive a new advanced class, 96-player PvP mode, additional raids, and more in the first four months of 2023, Amazon Games has announced.

Of particular interest is the new Artist class set to arrive in April. The Artist will be the first “specialist” class added to the Western version of the free-to-play MMORPG, and Amazon is teasing it won’t be the last to arrive in 2023 in its latest blog post. Wielding a gigantic paintbrush, the Artist fills a support role but is also able to attack enemies directly with her giant paintbrush or by painting and summoning “holy beasts” to do her fighting for her.

However, Amazon makes clear it has worked with developer Smilegate RPG to make some visual changes to the female-only class in preparation for its arrival in the West. Changes to the appearance of the game’s various female-only classes has been an ongoing localization project for Amazon, which is also working with Smilegate RPG to make it so more Lost Ark classes can be played as either male or female.

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Author: Cameron Koch