Goat Simulator 3 Ad Includes GTA 6 Leaks, Gets DMCA Notice From Take-Two

An ad for Goat Simulator 3 featured some trollish antics typical of the game itself, as it included gameplay from the massive GTA 6 leak that emerged earlier this year. It didn’t take long for GTA publisher Take-Two to issue a DMCA notice to take down the video.

The ad, which is currently unavailable, featured a humorous overview of an NPC named Shaun, who describes his duties as walking around in circles, picking things up, and sitting on a bench. The GTA 6 clip comes late in the ad, when Shaun says that you can see him in some “footage that was leaked a couple of months ago.”

The fact that the Goat Simulator developers responded to the original tweet with the memetic “I’m in danger” GIF from The Simpsons indicates that they probably knew what they were doing here. It remains to be seen if Take-Two will take further legal action beyond just this DMCA notice.

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Author: Steven T. Wright