Zero Dark Thirty Writer On Why He’s Unlikely To Make A Marvel-Style Blockbuster Anytime Soon

Mark Boal, the former journalist who wrote the Oscar-winning writer who won two Oscars for the Bin Laden movie Zero Dark Thirty, has shared his thoughts on the big Marvel-style Hollywood blockbusters. Appearing on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Boal was asked if a studio has ever come to him asking him to write a giant blockbuster.

“Nobody ever f**king asked me that, no, they never do,” he said.

The closest Boal has ever come to something like this was some script-doctoring work he did, though he didn’t name any projects specifically. That said, Boal said he enjoys these jobs–which can involving punching up dialogue or helping fix the third act, for example–because they pay “crazy good money.” But Boal has never been asked to work on a massive IP like Spider-Man, for example.

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Author: Eddie Makuch