You Can Move Your Ubisoft Games You Bought On Stadia To Ubisoft Connect For Free

If you own any Ubisoft games on Stadia, you’ll receive Ubisoft Connect copies of them at no additional cost. This will happen automatically if you have linked your Ubisoft account to Stadia. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to do that before Stadia shuts down on January 18, 2023 in order to receive your games.

It’s important to note that in-game currency will not transfer to Ubisoft Connect, but any items you purchase will, if the game in question has cross-progression. You can check out an FAQ from Ubisoft for more details of what exactly will transfer.

If you subscribed to Ubisoft+ Multi-Access through Stadia, you’ll get an email with instructions on how to sign up directly on the Ubisoft website. You’ll also receive a voucher for a free month of Ubisoft+. If you’re in the US, you can continue streaming Ubisoft+ through Amazon Luna. If you’re outside the US, you’ll get a discount for six months of Ubisoft+ Multi-Access. Every Ubisoft customer on Staidia, whether a subscriber or an owner of games, will get a coupon code for one free month of GeForce Now Priority Membership.

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Author: Grace Benfell