Witcher: Blood Origin’s Francesca Mills Treated Her Warhammer Like Another Cast Member, Keeps It In Her Bedroom

When Netflix’s Witcher prequel series rolls around, Witcher: Blood Origin, there’s a moment that will take you by surprise: when Francesca Mills’ character Meldof reveals the history of her beautifully ornate warhammer named Gwen.

Without getting into any spoilers, Gwen was more than Meldof’s favorite tool to bash in the heads of her enemies, it was a full-fledged character both on the show and when the camera wasn’t rolling. “It was a big day,” Mills told GameSpot when she first saw Gwen. “I won’t lie to you. Because also it sounds ridiculous to put an emotional attachment on an object, if that makes sense, but truly Gwen was part of the cast. People even passing Gwen on set. When you get passed it, it wasn’t just like you were chucked your prop. It was like, ‘Here’s Gwen.’ And I was like, ‘Thank you.’ And I’d have someone take Gwen. She’d never get dropped.

“There was such respect around going. And that was throughout the whole team as well, which was lovely and definitely helped me as an actor. Because then it became at one with my body, and it was like a comfort blanket almost to have Gwen there.”

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Author: Mat Elfring