Successes of 2022: iOS 16’s amazing lock screen customization

Micha Huigen / The Verge

In 2022, Apple introduced iOS 16, which brought with it vastly improved lock screens — and made the iPhone so much better.

With iOS 16, you can now set things on your lock screen, like different clock fonts, lock screen widgets, and new wallpapers, in just a few taps. Anytime I want to give my iPhone a fresh coat of paint, I can do it right from the same screen I see every time I wake my phone — without having to dive into settings. And even better, when you start to make a new wallpaper, the page contains a bunch of suggestions and options to help you decide what it might look like.

Want a lock screen focused on the weather? Apple has a recommendation for that. Want a fancy pattern of emoji? There are a bunch of patterns to pick from,…

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Author: Jay Peters