Sony’s DualSense Edge Brings In-Depth Controller Customization To PS5

PlayStation is leaping into the world of prosumer controllers with the DualSense Edge. I had the opportunity to check out the new gamepad, and it feels like a well-rounded hobbyist controller that’s easy to customize on the fly.

The DualSense Edge feels and looks nearly identical to the DualSense controller. DualSense Edge lead product manager Tomamasu Mizuno assured me that this was an intentional decision so as to not alienate players who’ve already spent hundreds of hours with the standard DualSense. If you’ve held a PlayStation 5 controller before, then you know what the Edge will feel like in your hands. The biggest changes to the ergonomics are the new, rubbery grips on the back of the controller, the two function buttons, the trigger stops, and the customizable paddle buttons in the back.

The customizable back buttons are the thing that feel most different on the new controller. I had to adjust my grip ever so slightly to accommodate them. Unlike the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller’s four, there are only two buttons on the back of the controller. The paddles jut out slightly more than the Elite controller’s, meaning it requires a tap to press rather than the squeeze motion I would normally do with an Elite controller. The package also comes with an alternate set of back buttons shaped like half moons. These felt more natural in my hands as they leaned right up against my middle fingers. Of course, you can remove the back buttons altogether if you’d like.

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Author: Jake Dekker