Marvel’s Midnight Suns: All Tarot Card Locations

Marvel’s Midnight Suns contains a few side quests and collectible hunts that you can choose to complete when you’re not busy fighting Hydra and stopping Lilith’s demon-related plans. There are 22 Marvel-themed tarot cards to find inside the Abbey home base and the surrounding forest, but you’ll need to get all Words of Power to access the entire map. We’re here to show you exactly where to look for each card.

All Tarot Card Locations

The Moon

Three tarot cards can be found inside the Abbey’s main building, and The Moon is included in that trio. It’s inside the forge room, next to a large bookshelf. The Moon is, of course, represented by Moon Knight for the card’s art.

The Moon tarot card location

The Star

The Star is in the same room as The Moon–it’s on the opposite side of the forge, on top of a red workbench. Nova is the character who was chosen to represent this arcana, and he’s used in its card art.

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Author: Ethan Anderson