Halo Infinite First-Year Stats Revealed, As Dev Reflects On A Year Full Of “Challenges”

Halo Infinite has wrapped up its first full year of operation, and developer 343 Industries has now shared some first-year statistics. Live-service boss Sean Baron said in a blog post that Halo Infinite had the “biggest launch year” in Halo’s 20-year history.

Some of the first-year stats included 170 million multiplayer matches played, 50 million campaign missions played, and 16 billion Spartans slayed. Players collectively wiped out more than 2 billion bots and performed 6 million “Ninja” kills, which is when a player jumps over a foe and smacks them on the back with a melee. Finally, 343 said players collectively created 130,000 maps in Forge.

“We’re so grateful for the time you’ve spent with us and the passion you have for this franchise. The year has been full of challenges and opportunities,” Baron said. “Yet, your energy and engagement has driven us.”

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Author: Eddie Makuch