GameSpot’s TV Show Of 2022: Severance

The concept is deceptively simple on its head: What if “checking out” when you sit down to clock in for your day job was a literal thing? What if you could, functionally, turn off your consciousness when it came time to go to work and then bring it back the moment you stepped out of the building? And don’t try to say you’ve never fantasized about something like it before–just imagine how great your life would be if you never had to deal with an angry customer or a condescending boss ever again. Imagine how much lighter you’d feel if the hours you spent at work felt like going in and waking up from surgical anesthetic, just without all the potential side effects and pain.

Except, there’s a dark side to that story, too, because something has to actually make the work happen, right? And even if you’re very literally not home in your brain, your body needs to be piloted one way or another. Enter: Severance, the plucky little AppleTV+ original that came out of nowhere to become GameSpot’s favorite TV show of 2022.

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Author: Mason Downey