The $11,500 toilet with Alexa inside can now be put inside your home

An image of a toilet in a dark bathroom. The base and tank of the toilet glow due to LED lights.
You won’t need a nightlight in the bathroom with this toilet. | Image: Kohler

Have you ever sat on the toilet, pondering your day, using your phone even though that’s kind of gross to do on the john, avoiding everyone in the house, and thought, “I wish Alexa was in here with me?” That is, what I assume, the designers of the Kohler Numi 2.0 Smart Toilet were thinking when they made this $11,500 toilet that has Alexa inside.

Kohler first showed off the Numi 2.0 at CES way back in 2019, and not a whole lot has changed from that initial announcement. It still has Alexa built-in, and it still has lots of LED lights and speakers, so any guests who come over will know you appreciate the techier things in life. There doesn’t appear to be a warning built into the toilet telling users Alexa is listening to their bowel…

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Author: Alex Cranz