Read what Anker’s customer support is telling worried Eufy camera owners

A Eufy camera covered in snow.
Image: Eufy

At this point, there’s zero chance I would buy a Eufy security camera for my own home. But if you already own some or if you’re on the fence, you might want to hear what the company has to say for itself.

While Eufy just nerfed its privacy promises rather than answering our questions about how we were able to play live footage from an end-to-end encrypted camera through VLC Media Player, the company’s customer support team does have a prepared statement, even if its PR department does not.

Unfortunately, only a tiny portion of the statement addresses that particular issue — but it does seem to tacitly admit Anker did not properly secure its Eufy web portal. And while it does also hint at some sort of fix, it’s not clear we’ll be…

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Author: Sean Hollister