Street Fighter 6’s Second Beta Test Is Now Live

Street Fighter 6’s second closed beta test began on December 16 and ends on December 19. Ahead of the second beta, Bandai Namco posted a Twitter thread of tips. If you’ve participated in the first beta test, then the info should mostly be familiar.

The Battle Tutorial is replayable, and it will pop up when players access the Battle Hub for the first time. For Battle Settings and Control Types, check out the tips Bandai Namco provided below.

  • Character Customization: Custom avatar can only be created once.
  • Battle Setting: Get to Battle Settings by pressing □/X/R(Keyboard). You’ll see Ranked Match and Casual Match options.
  • Control Type: Go to Battle Settings, and select the Character tab. Press △/Y/T to apply control types to the full roster of characters.
  • Device Menu: This is a menu for switching gear sets. Press Touchpad (PS5), View button (Xbox Series X|S), or Spacebar (Keyboard).
  • Multi Menu: Go here for Options, Gameplay Tips, Friends, and Replays. Press Option/Start/Tab. Battle controls can also be changed here with a keyboard.

There’s also a Street Fighter 6 beta test general FAQ for hardware recommendations, cross-play, and more questions.

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Author: Jenny Zheng