Netflix’s Dragon Age show is a fun romp without the games’ emotional stakes

Screenshot from Dragon Age: Absolution featuring a motley crew of adventurers talking happily in a forest
Image: Netflix

As a Dragon Age fan, Netflix’s new show Dragon Age: Absolution was always going to be like catnip for me. I am unable to resist the alluring scent of not only a new Dragon Age anything but also a new Dragon Age something that might give me a few precious crumbs of Dreadwolf lore to tide me over until BioWare decides to release the game. For my Dragon Age-addled brain then, Absolution perfectly satisfies my rapacious needs. But if I take a moment to step outside that mindset, the show that emerges is still pretty decent but wholly forgettable. If you’re an outsider looking for something along the lines of Arcane or Castlevania — shows whose stories and themes appeal to a wider audience than source material fans — keep looking.

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Author: Ash Parrish