Get A 3-Year VPN Subscription For Just $57

If you’re looking for additional privacy and security when working on your computer, there’s no better solution than a VPN. Unfortunately, most services require a monthly subscription or lofty one-time fee. Right now, however, you can purchase a three-year subscription to the Windscribe VPN Pro Plan for just $57, down from $207, when using promo code WINDSCRIBE at checkout.

Windscribe might not be as well-known as some other VPN services, but it offers much of the same functionality. You’ll have access to servers in more than 69 countries, strong encryption thanks to AES-256 cipher with SHA512 auth and a 4095-bit RSA key, and intuitive interfaces that make it easy to navigate all its features. You’ll also be able to turn your PC into a secure hotspot and select which applications run over the VPN and which stay local to your network.

When browsing the web, you’ll even benefit from a browser extension that helps determine the best VPN location for optimal performance, the ability to block ads and trackers, and a “cookie monster” feature that tracks cookies and deletes them when needed.

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Author: Jon Bitner