Anker’s Eufy deleted these 10 privacy promises instead of answering our questions

A Eufy camera in the rain. | Image: Eufy

It’s been two weeks since we reported that Anker’s Eufy lied to us about the security of its security cameras, and we’ve been pushing the company for answers ever since. But the company hasn’t answered a single one of our questions — in fact, I haven’t gotten a single reply since December 1st.

Today, on a whim, I thought I’d take a peek at Eufy’s website… maybe find some answers there? Instead, I found that Anker has quietly scrubbed all of its most promising privacy promises from its “privacy commitment” page. It got nerfed — hard.

Here are 10 things that were written on Eufy’s privacy commitment page as of December 8th, 2022, that are no longer there today:

  • “To start, we’re taking every step imaginable to ensure your data remains…

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Author: Sean Hollister